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Do you take a sharp intake of breath when the heating bill arrives?

  • Insulation is one of the most effective ways to help reduce heat loss from your home **.
  • It will also SAVE MONEY on those dreaded bills.
  • External Wall Insulation will even make you money as it will increase the value of your home.

To help you make great savings, we offer Solid Wall Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation at the most competitive prices.

Please see key facts about savings for each type of installation below, or jump to an area of interest by clicking a button:

(If you aren't sure whether you have solid walls or cavity walls, then read our guide.) **All figures quoted on this page come from the Energy Saving Trust.

Solid Walls  Cavity Walls  

Brick wall comparision

Do I have a cavity wall, or a solid wall?

Solid walls are typically seen on properties which were built before and around 1920. The pattern seen here shows the bricks in an uneven pattern because the wall is made from bricks laid alternately at right angles (headers and stretchers) so the two layers are bonded together by bricks going across the rows.

Cavity walls typically have an even pattern because both rows of bricks are laid in the same direction with a gap left between them (a cavity).

Why is this significant?

Solid wall insulation requires a layer to be placed on the surface of the bricks because there isn't a cavity, whereas a cavity wall will have its insulation injected into the gap between the two layers.

Decide which type of wall you have, then check out the savings you could make by selecting a button above.

A note on rendered walls:

You should be able to tell if your rendered walls are solid by measuring the thickness of the walls. This can be achieved by measuring the thickness of the wall through an open window or door to the outside of the property. If the thickness of the rendered wall is less than 11 inches (270mm) then it is most likely to be a solid wall.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall insulation is like a big woolly jumper for your house, which can drastically reduce the amount of heat being lost. It can also help reduce condensation inside the house if this is a problem on your external walls. Most buildings have external walls made with two layers with a cavity in the middle. Small holes are drilled to access this cavity and the insulation material is injected into it. The process creates very little mess and is usually installed within a day.

There is another benefit to cavity wall insulation over and above the savings you will make on heating, and that is the fact that it will most likely also increase the value of your property.

You could be losing up to 40% of heat through your walls. With cavity wall insulation you could save more than £350 per year*.

Cavity wall insulation energy savings
Cavity wall insulation energy savings

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Solid Wall Insulation

Solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls so installing solid wall insulation can generate massive savings. The cost of insulating solid walls is greater than cavity walls, but the savings are much bigger too. We could save you over £460 per year.

If your property has solid walls then it is suitable to have an Insulated Rendering System applied. This will reduce heating bills, protect your properties external fabric, reduce damp and improve how it looks. Watch our video guide to external wall insulation below. You could be losing up to half your heat.

Not only could you save more than £460 per year by installing solid wall insulation BUT with its new maintenance free appearance, you could increase the value of your home by thousands ££££.


Solid wall insulation energy savings
Solid wall insulation energy savings

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*All figures quoted on this page come from the Energy Saving Trust.

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